CLI Tool

The CLI tool contains a bunch of commands essential for development.

You can access the command by using npx chooks when installed locally, or use chooks directly when using it inside scripts in your package.json or when installed globally.


Starts your bot in development mode.

Features available when in development mode:

  • Tracks and updates your files in real time.
  • Syncs commands to Discord when changes are detected.
  • Accepts and prioritizes loading and config files.
  • Compiles your files into a directory named .chooks.
  • Outputs logs to .chooks/chooks.log.
  • Caches command data in .chooks/.chooksinfo for future logins.

chooks init [name]

Creates a new bot application.

Optionally accepts a param that will be used as the application's name and directory (only if the directory is empty).

chooks build

Creates a production build of your bot.

Checks and validates if your commands are valid and exits if it finds an invalid command.

Outputs build artifacts to dist.

chooks register

Registers your application commands to Discord globally.

Searches for commands in the dist directory.